Man,the king of his karma.

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Published: 11/10/2015

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Man,the king of his karma.

Break free from the chain of misery and sufferings.


Karma or deeds are words describing the doings of humankind in this world, during his lifetime. Doing in general term is just performing certain act, but for the purpose of this book, the words embody your thoughts, actions, words, and behavior, throughout your lifetime.
Remember, every religion in the world warns us of the accountability for all our deeds in this world during our lifetime. It does not speak of the devotion and prayer that one offers during one’s lifetime or about the prayer meetings to pardon one’s sin after one’s death. This makes karma a vital force in the life of each one of us.
This book will help you learn from the beginning, all about karma and its effect upon you. How you should check your actions, words, thoughts, and behavior to enable you to seek happiness and health during your lifetime and how you should shun karmas that may put you into misery, sufferings, and malady. The significant part of any karma we do is its effect upon you and your family and the world at large. Once you perform a bad karma, it is there to stay with you and the consequence will punish you anytime during your lifetime, somewhere, sometime, and in some way. You can never ever rid yourself of the consequences of karma. Karmic actions are a part of us, just as our body and soul. Body will die and decay and soul will be free after death; karma will leave you only after punishing you for the bad deeds or rewarding you for the good ones. Therefore, it is imperative each one of us learn the art of performing karma in our lifetime with utmost caution and after thinking about its good or bad affect upon us later in life. If we do not, we need to be prepared for the backlash; in most cases we will find that the consequences of such karma are there to stay with us until death. The misery, sufferings ,malady and regret are there to stay with us, reminding us, each moment of the karma we did years ago which we should never have done. We regret every moment, like a pillar of steel, the consequences does not shake or relieve us of the discomfort of enduring and suffering due to those past karma . We are left with no choice, only to accept and take it in good stride until our death.
They teach us in ISO (International standards organization), the art of quality control. From the beginning, while procuring the raw materials until its finishing, control each stage to be able to get a good quality finished product. If one does not, the quality will suffer. This is exactly what this little book will teach you about your karmic actions during your lifetime. Focus into each karma seriously, before you perform it. Even in thoughts, if they are useless or counterproductive, ignore them and think about things that will benefit you and the others. No matter if ever it will bring you money or not, thoughts should be healthy and motivating. This will help you in the future to perform healthy and good karmic actions spontaneously.
When someone asked me how I manage to look good even today, I told him, all that good he sees in me are the results of my karma while all the bad that he can see in me are also the results of my karma. Good or bad, seen or unseen are all due to man’s own doings. I firmly believe that karma is the key to man’s destiny and his way of life. The most important factor in anyone’s life is his karma. How much you may have worshiped your brand of god and religion, how much others may pray for your departed soul to rest in peace after death, all religions in their own subtle way clearly specifies your deeds or karma to be accountable after you are dead. It is therefore, imperative we give due importance to all our words, thoughts and actions in our lifetime so that we do not regret it later.
This little book will awaken you to the necessity of maintaining a balance between good and bad karma in your lifetime.
In all seriousness, the karmic actions of each one of us, collectively, affects the lives of all of us, worldwide.

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About the Author

Nov 13, 2015

Eric EH Buddhadharma is a commerce graduate with honors having several diplomas in commerce too. He is the founder of “Compassion for peace and animals” which is vocal in animal rights. Eric for a living is a chocolatier as well as has his own scientific instruments business. Now he would like to share his life long experience with the world. He has written several books which shall, hopefully, be published by 2016. Eric 's passion is to observe and analyze why things go wrong with himself and others. In course of time he realized that the cause is not external but generates from our within. This book is based upon this unfailing formula of restrained actions and thoughts, in order to ward off undue complications in life, cause for our miseries and sufferings.

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