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People with a determined mind and physical fitness, should trek at high altitude sometime in their life. Trekking is one grade difficult to walking in the hilly terrains and one grade easier than negotiating the mountain passes. Whatever it may be, trekking seem to be a simple adventure sport, but many a times it turns out to be hazardous and life threatening. From the time, you finish your breakfast and leave the hamlet to start the trek, until the time you return back to the same spot or to any other rest house; you are always at a risk of injury, threat to your life, or at least in a situation of SOS.
I have trekked at high altitudes in India and Nepal with my children, aged 4½, and 8 ½ year olds. They did not take a piggyback to the base camps but trekked at 9000, 13000 and 19000 ft altitudes themselves along with us and other trekkers en-routes. Taking such small children at high altitudes were extremely risky and against the views of most trekkers and even our family elders.
We do love our children and we are concerned about their safety. It is only a good planning and a careful strategy each time you start your trek, that keeps you safe and accident free. In order to ensure almost 100% safety, my wife and I read several books on trekking, before starting out on our first trek in the Nepal Himalayas; unfortunately many vital information were lacking on safety in all these books. Myself being in fitness since childhood, decided to jot down points that were necessary for a good and safe trek. This was necessary for us to come back home safe and sound after enjoying over a fortnight of bone breaking arduous journeys in the mountain trails of Indian as well as Nepal Himalayas, with a baby and a child, both of whom walked steadily, keeping pace with adult trekkers in the trail.
When you leave home until you are back with the experience of trekking, you are prone to many hazards, in the journey as well as in the trails. To ensure that you are safe and well equipped with all the necessities, the same way your grandma or your mom would like you to be in, you need to read this book and carry it along when you start your journey the next time you plan a trek. This small guidebook has endless valuable information which many people and books on trekking, unfortunately, do not provide you with. This is why it is called “God’s guide to safe trekking”, meaning the advice and suggestions here are genuine and sincere which only the Almighty God could provide in such instances, for your safety. The advise in this book is non-commercial and non-biased, not seeking to advertise any specific product or service.
This little book on safe trekking is handy and your friend in need. During your trek, you may go through it every evening, while you relax in one of those hamlets in the trails, tucked in your sleeping bag, against the quiet flowing streams and the crackling sound of the candles.
Have a pleasant and safe trek now and always, God bless you!

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Nov 13, 2015

Eric EH Buddhadharma is a commerce graduate with honors having several diplomas in commerce too. He is the founder of “Compassion for peace and animals” which is vocal in animal rights. Eric for a living is a chocolatier as well as has his own scientific instruments business. Now he would like to share his life long experience with the world. He has written several books which shall, hopefully, be published by 2016. Eric 's passion is to observe and analyze why things go wrong with himself and others. In course of time he realized that the cause is not external but generates from our within. This book is based upon this unfailing formula of restrained actions and thoughts, in order to ward of undue complications in life, cause for our miseries and sufferings.

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