After Death

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Keywords: After Death, an ultimate truth, soul, god, mystery & crime, A unique love story

Published: 11/15/2015

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After Death

An ultimate truth

The meaning of life, death, and after death is a million dollar question. But one thing is certain whenever there is birth for any living being; death is also inevitable part of life. As the sun rises and sets; the seasons come and go; beautiful flowers become withered, some yield fruits, some ripen, some produce seeds; later the cycle will continue; so also people and other living beings are born, live and die. Since the emergence of cultures and civilizations, there is no house where no one had ever died. It is a fact that everybody should accept and be aware of death, because every living being has unnoticingly accepted birth. The doctor decides the birth of the child; the society bears its acts; And then who will decide its Doom’s Day? What shall be the next? Here is an old man who has no page in the New Year’s diary. But, he answers about life, death and after death. Now can anybody guess who the old man is?
Read more--------For unveiling the ultimate truth after death.

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About the Author

Harshavardhan.Chandu Nov 15, 2015


He is having vast experience and enriched knowledge, gained through interaction with people of different walks of life. Having worked as lecturer in History and Archaeology for some time in a Degree college; later joined in police department, rose from the rank of Sub Inspector to Assistant Commissioner of police, having worked in various branches; as a law graduate with his legal knowledge; being a writer of 25 novels, most of which are published as serials in various magazines and news papers in regional language; besides doing modeling, and acting in Television serials, and now he has been contributing to the world literature through his pen leaving the baton and the gun.

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