Surreal Whispers

ISBN: 1-5229-8534-4

Category: Philosophy

Keywords: Mind, Madness, Logic, Mentality, Insanity, Wisdom, Thoughts

Published: 01/01/2016

Views: 471

Words: 12,643


Surreal Whispers

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Surreal whispers..
A book for deep thinking.. it is a call for the sound of reason and ask people to open their minds.
whispers of a man who is looking for his goal.. through many stories and prose, he tries to solve the mystery of his mind and the mystery of his passion for discovering the truth about dream and reality..
Cries of a sane man at the times where mind has no power or ability
Delirium of a man who have suffered the pains of his illness
Surreal whispers.. Whispers of a the mind at the time of insanity.

Mustafa Kayyali.

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About the Author

Jan 01, 2016

A writer and translator from Syria

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