Banking Theories and Practices

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Published: 02/29/2016

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Banking Theories and Practices


This book is the original work of author prepared for the purpose of educational material. It deals with the banking theories and principles adopted by the banks. Different issues were discussed in the book such as the general concept of banks, banking, types of banking, types of banks, the overall functions and duties of banking industry, etc. specifically, the book overlook the definition of banks, meaning of banking, types of banks, types of banking, operations of banking, the meaning of central banks, its duties and functions, monetary policy and central banks, banking issues in 21st century, commercial banks and its functions, the balance sheet and income statement of commercial banks, cooperative banks and their functions, Development bank and its functions, Investment banks and their operations. It generally explains the theories and practices each banks apply and use for their contribution to the development of the nation and world as a whole.

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About the Author

Gudeta Abera Feb 15, 2016

Gudeta Abera

Gudata Abara Bornt from his father Abara Chali and mother Jejeni Ayele in 1988. He started his education at his 7th age since 1995 at Bilo primary school. He followed high school level during 2005 at Bilo High school and joined preparatory at Bako senior secondary school. Then, he joined Haramaya University, since 2009 and graduated with Bachelor degree in Accounting. Thereafter, he employed as Garduate Assistant of Assosa University, Ethiopia since 2012. After teaching for certain semesters he got the scholarships of MBA at Arbaminch University and graduated in 2014. After accomplishing his master program, he returned to Assosa University, working as Lecturer.

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