ISBN: 978-1-4769-6872-8

Category: Religious,  Humour & Comedy,  Fiction,  Horror

Keywords: dark comedy, new jersey, modern folklore

Published: 03/04/2016

Views: 864

Words: 25,117




Two New Jersey garbage men are on an epic quest to have the summer adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately they end up enlisted in the ultimate battle of good vs evil, with the fate of the universe on the line. Can these unlikely heroes avoid the pitfalls of drugs, alcohol, and natural selection? Probably not, but the survival of humanity depends on it.

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About the Author

Mar 04, 2016

<-------- me. Every purchase includes a lifetime of good luck. It has been proven by science.
Reasons I wrote this book: 1) For America (self explanatory). 2) For the Children (reading is still a viable form of entertainment). 3) For the Pulitzer Prize (I love trophies and I want to carry it around town like the Stanley Cup).
How did the alternate cover art happen?
ADev "Suuuhh dood, lemme help w ur web design bruh."
Me "Ok."
*EDIT* Ok, so I thought I could jack the price up to $50, but apparently $20 is the max. This is the best book on Kbuuk (by far), and someday I'd like to redo it redo it properly. Check out my newest masterpiece HIGH NINETIES (at a reasonable price),

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