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Published: 03/13/2016

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India is considered to be the fastest growing large economy in the world. Then why are we still complaining about low growth rates in the economy. For India any growth rate above 7 per cent per annum is good enough. Dreams of achieving double digit growth rates over long periods and so on are better laid to rest. The Indian economy is today in a comfortable state and we should be rejoicing over it.
While economic growth rate in India is comfortably above 7 per cent the rate of inflation in the country is also subdued. The fiscal situation in the country is also comfortable and the latest budget has targeted a fiscal deficit of 3.5 per cent for the coming financial year which is quiet prudent. All this augments well for the growth and stability of the Indian economy.
What is a matter of concern to India and Indians are conditions on the political front. There is great deal of hot air prevailing in our political system. The youth of the country and the student community have received a raw deal from the central government. The agitations that one witnessed in JNU, the Hyderabad University, IIT Madras and the Pune Film Institute have imposed deep scars on the student community and the youth.
Another sad development one witnessed in recent years has been the deteriorating quality of our public discourse. Hate speeches are being made on a daily basis. The unfortunate part is that some of these hate speeches come from the side of people in authority. But most often no action is taken against those who make hate speeches. The problem with hate speeches is that they poison the minds of the public and this later leads to communal violence and agitations.

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P V Rajeev Mar 13, 2016

P V Rajeev

P V Rajeev (born in 1954) retired as an Economic Adviser from the Government of India in 2012. He was a Member of the Indian Economic Service and served in the government for 32 years. Over the years he has been active as a writer and has written 22 books and over 150 articles in various journals and newspapers dealing with economic, political, social, educational and international issues.

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