Famous Quotations

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Published: 05/10/2014

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Famous Quotations

Over the years many people have said many wonderful things... some of them funny, some very wise, and some just aimed at making us think. But there are not enough books to hold all that has been said.

So when a person is able to say a great truth in just a few words, others have often remembered it and saved it for people to read or hear over and over. They have become famous quotations.

In this book are hundreds of famous quotations. It is a book that you must read slowly, and it is worth reading it many times, until you yourself are able to remember some of the sayings word for word, to be used later in your life.

You may want to share some of the most interesting truths with other people. You may also find some that will change your life, becoming important patterns for how you choose to live and how you choose to look at the world around you.

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About the Author

Dave Mckay Sep 14, 2015

Dave Mckay

Dave Mckay is a Christian writer and Evangelist who spends most of his time trying to reach the general public with the materials he has produced, in order to encourage more people to examine Bible prophecy, something which so much of the world (including most Christians) are refusing to do.

Dave Mckay has also designed a program called "Easy English" which has been used in developing countries such as India and Kenya, to teach children to read English. Easy English books are, in each case, "translations" of stories which the author has found to be meaningful or to contain important lessons for life.

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