Loose 5 Kg Every Week

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Published: 03/16/2016

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Loose 5 Kg Every Week

No one wakes up in the morning and says, 'I want to gain 150 pounds and I will start right now!” but you sure can wake up tomorrow morning and decide: I want to loose 100 Pounds and I will begin right now, thankfully there's no better way to begin than with this E-book, which is why it's been written short and straight to the point.

This E-book is not about weight loss methods, where you might actually loose weight but then gain it back because of the yo-yo effect or because of lack of building a habit that keeps the weight off. It's not a diet plan or a workout exercise manual but this E-book is about building a continuous weight loss life pattern, that helps you acknowledge how your body ticks and playing in accordance with this to ensure that you shed off 5 KG(11 Pounds) repeatedly every week as a process, until you decide you have reached your ideal weight.

Since you are working with your body not starving yourself or indulging in body aching workouts, you do not experience the yo-yo effect as what you are cultivating is not a short term weight loss fix, but a weight loss HABIT. A habit is something you do without thinking, so cultivating this WEIGHT LOSS HABIT means, you loose weight without even thinking. Most importantly, you do not gain it back!!

The effect is so certain that if you do not notice any change in a week, you get double of what you paid for, that's right 200% money back guarantee.

What you get:

Use the feeling of hunger to your advantage : Hunger is a feeling we can't control, but if contained right can be to your advantage
How to contain the feeling of hunger in accordance with metabolism
The vital key to your weight loss
Jump right into eating and loosing 5 KG now – First Week
Multi-Purpose Diet
Stabiliser Diet
Late night sweet snacking that makes you loose weight the next morning
It's not a weight loss plan, it's a Weight Loss Habit
Continuous Weight Loss until You decide to stop
Maintaining the desired weight

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