the highest home

Category: General Art,  Drama,  Poetry

Keywords: palace,  imagination, love, hate, white, roses, hate

Published: 03/27/2016

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the highest home

the imagination palace

It is a book about lovely or imagination palace that will build high in the sky above the clouds, out of dangerous, hate and those awful things. The love will govern in. The plants will be useful .every harmful and bad characters will be dismissed. It tells about how lights and warm can be gotten from the sun. The adventures occurred to the boy when he met the king of dark. It talks about the adventures of three princes to marry the most beauty talks about welding process and its operation. It talks about love which must lead the world up. It talks about faith and honest. It talks about the king who wanted man to carry the key of the treasure of his king. He gave those keys to the ex-jailed person, who was examined by the faith woman.

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About the Author

memo1490 Mar 27, 2016


I am a writer and have three e books at amazon and one at create space. I have one at book rix and have several blogs. I like to deal with the good writing does not deal with porn or sex writing .itt deals with love in its deep. I dream that the love and faith. The world must be changed to be more calm and peace. I like to write for children and show them the good light and the hope that will be shown for their future

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