The Art of Personal Development

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Published: 04/04/2016

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The Art of Personal Development

The Purpose of your Life

I would like to take you on a journey and introduce you to a personal power program over a period of 30 days. I am here to tell you that today you are beginning something that it will change the quality of your life, like forever. I am speaking from experience because I had the privilege of working with many people and studying what is the cutting edge that makes the difference in the quality of life.

I want you to know that I am absolutely committed in these 30 days to making sure that you get measurable results from this program. All that is required are two things: first, the desire on your part, and second, commitment to follow through and make this program each day and follow through the exercises you given, as simple or as complicated as may seem in the moment.

If you do that the things that you used to call dreams will become part of your daily reality. I am speaking from experience; an experience not only from helping other people to make changes in their lives but also changing my own life. How comes that you can have two people who seem to be so radically different in their abilities: one seems to have superior abilities, superior talent, superior skill, superior education and yet, in the same time they don’t produce the quality of life they want; and someone else seems to have every disadvantage, they don’t have the support emotionally, not the family support, not the education or the background and yet, they go out there and they produce results way beyond that anyone would expect.

The difference in the quality of our lives does not come down to our capabilities; what human beings are capable of being absolutely incredible, but what people will do is rather different than what they can do. I will challenge you on this program to start exercising your will, to start using what I am calling your personal power.

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About the Author

Cristian Butnariu Apr 04, 2016

Cristian Butnariu

'You’re hungry for something, and you won’t settle for less. The competitive edge. The will to win. The drive to overcome any obstacle. Whatever you call it, winners find a way.'

'I feel on top of the world, I feel incredible, I feel motivated, I feel empowered and I know what this has already done and what it’s going to do. I am the master of my own destiny.'

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