Separated Twins

ISBN: 978-1-365-02328-6

Category: Family Relationships,  Drama

Keywords: separated twins, twins, twins, separate, separated, divorce, Separated Twins

Published: 04/05/2016

Views: 590

Words: 1,106

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Separated Twins

Two young adults, Elizabeth and Kirk meet in London, England in holland park near a waterfall, they meet and fall madly in love. Soon after that they go on a couple dates, and kirk did something any true love eventually does, he asked her to marry him. They had the wedding and soon after that, Elizabeth was pregnant, and soon found out she was having twins. After the twins were born Kirk and Elizabeth were fighting a lot and one thing lead to the other and Elizabeth and Kirk got divorced and the twins were separated one with each parent.

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About the Author

Ella Cascino Apr 05, 2016

Ella Cascino

I'm 13 years old, and created this story. My name is Ella Cascino, and I love to write stories and this is one my stories, Separated Twins. I live in MA, boston always did and still do. My birthday is may 10th. My favorite food is chocolate ice cream. Thats Me!

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