Ice Hockey

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Category: Winter Sports

Keywords: Equipment, rules, history

Published: 12/04/2015

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Ice Hockey

History, Equipment, Rules and Everything you need to know About Ice Hockey



Learn more about the high powered, fast paced game of professional hockey. The rules are often misunderstood and confused. Ice Hockey Guide – Basic Rules breaks down rules and rink configurations and explains penalties and other causes for the officials to stop play.

This easy-to-read guide contains everything for the fan and non-fan alike to understand and enjoy the sport of ice hockey. Each section stands alone, so it can be used as a handy reference guide.

The National Hockey League expansion of the last decade and the increased television coverage exposed millions of new fans to hockey. The Stanley Cup is now seen in over 170 countries, while annual sales of NHL merchandise today exceed $1 billion. Yet hockey remains one of the least understood sports. With the help of this guide, you can learn to follow the excitement of America's fastest-paced sport in no time at all.

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