ISBN: 978-955-42971-2-8

Category: Nature,  Science

Keywords: Anthropocene, Environment, Anthropocene Annihilation, Manmade environment, climate change, waste management

Published: 01/27/2017

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Environmental problems are increasing along with human evolution and population. If we go reverse in time, Industrial man made less destruction than modern man living with revolutionary technologies such as biotechnology, nanotech and nuclear power, agricultural man caused less effects to the nature than industrial man, similarly hunter gatherer societies did not make much adverse effects on the ecosystem when compare to agrarian communities. This book is a complete set of review articles briefed from various publications such as research papers, conference papers, books, journal articles, dissertations, lecture notes, awareness presentations, news articles, various e-books, websites, block posts, etc. Gathered data and information of said resources are provided with appropriate citations, this is an elementary level attempt of bringing all major environmental threats such as exploitation of natural resources beyond its level of resilience, effects of dams, over consumption and damage on ecosystem, energy crisis, impacts of el-niño and la niña, global warming and climate change, malefic effects of agrochemicals, soil degradation, soil infertility and soil mining, water pollution, eutrophication, ground water contamination, effects of aquatic weeds, marine pollution, solid waste accumulation, problems of e-waste and plastics, effects of hazardous waste, heavy metals, air pollution, animal slaughtering, abuse and cruelty, biodiversity loss, human-animal conflicts, effects of invasive species, urban sprawl, deforestation, acid rain, destruction of coral reefs, ozone depletion, effects of genetic engineering and nano technology, noise and light pollution, manmade disasters in the environment such as chemical and nuclear explosions, oil spills, landslides due to intense mining, war and human population explosion, visual pollution and poverty malnutritionand diseasesare given in this book along with relevant mitigation measures and sustainable solutions. I strongly believe this edition will act as a most useful databank for environmentalists, research scientists, policy makers, environmental writers, teachers and students of all country.


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About the Author

May 11, 2016

Author is an Environmental Officer at Central Environmental Authority, Sri Lanka. He has masters in Experimental Biotechnology and post graduate diploma in Environmental Management, he obtained an upper second class degree in Natural Science. Environmental writing is his passion.

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