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Published: 12/18/2016

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An exciting espionage thriller featuring America's most famous spies!

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Dr. Nathan Van Sertima Dec 18, 2016

Dr. Nathan Van Sertima

By: © Emily Rose Bennett and Black Historians: Nathan Van Sertima and Dr. Fredrick “The Falcon” Davis -Tumblr /ZUMAPRESS.com). Documented By Journalist Emily Rose and Black History Biographers Nathan Van Sertima and Dr. Fredrick “The Falcon” Davis =

“A MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY”: Book Author Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr., is the first African American to organize and lead a civil rights march to protest against bullying, and racial profiling and discrimination in Public Schools in Augusta Georgia! Read about his inspiring works as a Community Leader by Author Nathan Van Sertima: “Dr. Beckles vs. the Richmond County Board of Education” (Amazon.com). www.aikenstandard.com/article/20160110/AIK0101/160119950/

Famous Community Leader Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., organized the first historic Civil Rights Crusade against Racial Injustice and Bullying in Richmond County Schools in the history of the state of Georgia!

News & Politics:

Community leader Rev. Dr. Franklyn Beckles, Jr., (Hebrew name: Dr. Franklyn Ben Yosef), a former Richmond County School Teacher and famous children’s rights advocate achieved the first historic Civil Rights Crusade against injustice and bullying in Richmond County Public Schools on June 5, 2013 – in Augusta Georgia. He was followed by his wife Adrian, son Christian, and large supporters who marched from Pyramid Music on Broad Street to the Richmond County Board of Education Office in protest to the rapid abuse of children in public schools and to expose the corruption, racism, and history of scandals by the Richmond County Board of Education. The group delivered a petition to the incompetent School Superintendent Frank Roberson requesting the removal of the embattled and dishonest Copeland Elementary School Principal Kim Davis, proving that she had disrespected parents, disregarded their civil rights and aided in abusing students.

Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr., and Mrs. Adrian Felicia Beckles (Par

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