ISBN: 978-1-365-69680-0

Category: Fiction - Young Adult,  Drama,  Suspense,  Contemporary

Keywords: urban life, fiction, contemporary, street lit, drama, suspense, romance

Published: 01/31/2017

Views: 145

Words: 88,126



When a young and in love couple decide to share their first apartment. their plans for happily ever after are interrupted when they stumble upon a stash that was left behind by the previous tenants. The couple goes from rags to riches and then the drama unfolds when a posse of vicious Jamaicans return for their misplaced stash. Can three beautiful women take on the ruthless Jamaicans and live to tell about it? So much drama, action and suspense, you'll probably read it twice.

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About the Author

Robert Trouble Johnson Jan 31, 2017

Robert Trouble Johnson

Author Robert Trouble Johnson, was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York. he has been writing since 2001 while doing a prison sentence. since his release he has written six novels and has been signed by multiple publishing companies. he is currently an independent author who's seeking a publishing deal with a major company. He has many titles on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, LULU.COM and a few other websites. You can google Robert Trouble Johnson to see what he has already contributed to the reading world. he still resides in Poughkeepsie, with his wife, children and close family members.

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