A Psychological Profile

ISBN: 978-0-01-026768-6

Category: True Crime

Keywords: Fiction, Crime, drama, action, darkness

Published: 02/04/2017

Views: 281

Words: 17,520


A Psychological Profile

Detective Laura Kimber's Flash Fiction

He looked at the body. He looked some more at the body as if it were some expensive work
of art. He stared at it from every conceivable angle in search of something. In search of a reason. In search
of a real reason why that fourteen year old black child was sprawled out on the sidewalk bleeding out.
Detective Nathan Chambers wondered who made the decision that the teenager there had to die.
Who was the genius that decided that the poor soul needed to be murdered, or the fact that he provoked
someone into shooting him three times in the chest and once in the neck. There was no way that the
shooter fired in self defense, or his gun went off accidentally, four times. That dead teenager was no more
than eighty pounds soaked and wet, he was very thin and couldn't have been a threat to anyone.

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About the Author

Nikki Gordon Feb 03, 2017

Nikki Gordon

Frank F. Atanacio resides in Shelton Connecticut. He is the creator of The Nick PT Barnum series and The Detective Laura Kimber crime dramas. He enjoys writing flash fiction and quick crimes.
His Poetry features crime dramas and his horror stories will freeze you in place. Enjoy the written word.

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