Detective Laura Kimber

ISBN: 978-0-01-026768-6

Category: True Crime

Keywords: Crime, mystery, drama, Kimber, detective, Bridgeport

Published: 02/04/2017

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Words: 27,618


Detective Laura Kimber

Elusive Stranger

He tried to conjure up her spirit, her beauty, her purity and her innocence, but he
couldn't. The spirit would not rise. The woman's body was cold and dead. He switched on the light, sick
of what he did, but he had no choice. In his confusion he knew that the woman had to die. He looked
around her bedroom and felt it oddly still. The room was quiet, so quiet that he could hear himself
The woman had five kids from three different men. No wonder she was so good in bed with all
that practice. That night he met her at a club. She told him that her sister in law was watching all the
kids so she could get out of the house. She never married any of the men she slept with so she used the
words sister in law loosely.

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About the Author

Nikki Gordon Feb 03, 2017

Nikki Gordon

Frank F. Atanacio resides in Shelton Connecticut. He is the creator of The Nick PT Barnum series and The Detective Laura Kimber crime dramas. He enjoys writing flash fiction and quick crimes.
His Poetry features crime dramas and his horror stories will freeze you in place. Enjoy the written word.

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