Dark Walls Dark Nights

ISBN: 978-0-446-30385-9

Category: Fiction

Keywords: Drama, crime, fiction, shorts, flash-fiction

Published: 02/09/2017

Views: 153

Words: 36,269


Dark Walls Dark Nights

A Collection of Short Stories

The image of Little Red fogged out and was replaced by grinning reality. A shadow of a wolf on the wall was roiled about, as if fighting the darkness for existence. The old woman stood amidst it, her mind burning, waiting for death to call. She inhaled, and the shadow was inside her, searing her lungs like fire. The agony was intensifying, but she endured it, refusing to collapse or even scream. The visit from Little Red was still fresh on her mind.

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About the Author

Nikki Gordon Feb 03, 2017

Nikki Gordon

Frank F. Atanacio resides in Shelton Connecticut. He is the creator of The Nick PT Barnum series and The Detective Laura Kimber crime dramas. He enjoys writing flash fiction and quick crimes.
His Poetry features crime dramas and his horror stories will freeze you in place. Enjoy the written word.

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