The secret life of RLC PART 4 D

Category: Drama,  Humour & Comedy,  Relationships,  Sexuality,  New Age

Keywords: love sex sexy life drama , life woman

Published: 02/11/2017

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Words: 1,171

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The secret life of RLC PART 4 D

This book is all about RLC and the people around her. Good, bad and ugly. It pushes focus on the true definition of being one self. One should live a life of love and regrets, you have to do as you please; by doing so you gather experience and gain decent understanding.


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About the Author

RLC Cox Feb 11, 2017



RLC is an artist; she was born in Trinidad but currently lives in Philadelphia PA. She enjoys writing music, short-stories (fiction/nonfiction) poems, singing and trying new things.
At a very tender age she was devoted to music and writing as an escape from her harsh youthful life in the Caribbean.
She’s currently working on her song-book which includes genres such as R&B, Soca, Reggae/Dancehall, Gospel, soul, Rap and her short story called; Is it me, OR What Kind of Mother are you?

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