ISBN: 1-5428-0279-2

Category: Political,  Fiction,  Suspense

Keywords: fiction, politics, assassination

Published: 01/28/2017

Views: 295

Words: 3,755

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Bitterness, like cancer, can explode into death

Words, and rhetoric, are sometimes good to hear. It is what could happen when the talking stops, the bitterness takes over, and action is taken to the extreme of bad. Death usually follows.

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About the Author

Joseph P Hradisky Jr Mar 31, 2017

Joseph P Hradisky Jr

Joseph P Hradisky Jr grew up in Lansing, NY and attended Lansing High School. Graduating in 1979 he then went on to serve 4 years in the U S Air Force. Currently he resides in Montour Falls, New York and is married to Teresa (Simpson) Hradisky. They have two sons, Alec and Ian. Joseph attended, and graduated from, Ithaca College with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting along with a minor in writing.

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