ISBN: 978-1-4769-3725-0

Category: Religious,  Humourous,  Fiction,  Fantasy,  Horror

Keywords: gods, demons, action, adventure, comedy, horror, giants

Published: 07/24/2017

Views: 158

Words: 19,639

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Age of Giants

On that day the evils roar
The Giants march, they march to war.
We fought to survive,
To all stay alive.
But now it’s all gone,
The morning of no dawn.
When fire burns,
It’s now evils turn.
The giants arose
To Darkness, they oppose.
But when one falls,
They come for all.
On that day, the people say,
The Giants march to WAR.

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About the Author

Sinister Omega Jul 24, 2017

Sinister Omega

I make all my stuff 100% authentic. You won't find these characters anywhere else. I also draw them.

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