The Relationship  Between  Economy And War

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Published: 09/06/2017

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The Relationship Between Economy And War

This book concerns to research what the relationship is between war and economy. In chapter one, I shall explain whether wars can impact economy threat. I shall indicate how First World War influenced Europe economy ; what US economic consequences of war are ; how can economy policy influence peace and security ; What relationship is between civil wars and economic growth; how economic impact of the war and higher military spending is. In chapter two, I shall explain what the relationship is between internal war and human welfare. I shall indicate how internal war influences human welfare ; whether internal civil wars can influence the country’s long run economic development ; when and how can be stopped the civil internal war to influence economy growth. In my focus, I shall give my opinion to solve this question: Whether do wars bring either advantages or disadvantages or both to impact our economy growth ?
I write this book aim to give my opinion to let readers attempt to find answers to judge whether my opinion is right to explain whether the cause and effect relationship between wars and economy to influence our societies' economic growth.

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About the Author

JOHNNY CH LOK Sep 06, 2017


I am one business psychologist. I enjoy to write any business psychology or behavioral economy books to publish.
I hope my readers can raise any knowledge after you
read my books please

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