The Saint, the Sinner(s) and Eddie

ISBN: 978-1-4769-0955-4

Category: Family Relationships,  Humourous

Keywords: DNA, Non Paternal Event (NPE)

Published: 05/10/2018

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Words: 54,077


The Saint, the Sinner(s) and Eddie

The True Story of a Small-town Texas Secret

When Eddie Love took a 23andMe DNA test, he thought it’d be neat to discover whether he had Irish or German or French roots. What he didn’t realize is that he’d find out that the man who he thought was his father wasn’t his father. Thus began a multi-year caper into not only who Eddie’s real father was, but what happened (besides the obvious).
Eventually, Eddie lassoed his friend Christina into helping him solve his mystery and writing a book about the journey, as well. Their adventure took them deep into Orange, Texas, where elderly residents eventually came clean with secrets they’d been keeping for decades.
Told through narrative, emails and interviews, “The Saint, the Sinner(s) and Eddie” is a quirky, true story about family, lies, and friendships (plus a handful of dogs, countless bowls of gumbo, one pawnshop wedding and more half siblings than you can count).

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About the Author

Eddie Love and Christina Ledbetter Oct 04, 2017

Eddie Love and Christina Ledbetter

Eddie Love lives in Houston, Texas where he runs Frank’s Pizza with his wife, Debbie. Neither of them know who Frank is. When he isn’t selling slices, Eddie teaches his grandchildren to hunt dragons, begs his wife to not make him exercise, and cooks gumbo.

Christina Ledbetter is married to a mad scientist and writes from her home in Houston, Texas where you can often find a cat asleep on her desk, a dog or two beneath her chair and a cup of midgrade coffee in her hand. When she isn’t writing about Eddie’s DNA escapades, she writes at

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