Bishop Takes Queen

ISBN: 978-1-4769-9863-3

Category: Drama,  Fiction,  Thrillers,  True Crime

Keywords: Flash fiction, Short-Stories, Crime, Drama, thrillers

Published: 11/14/2017

Views: 186

Words: 46,560


Bishop Takes Queen

Flash Fiction

"Goddamn it!" Chambers growled. "Get her out of here if she can't stand the freaking heat!"
The uniforms understood the tone, but not the words. They knew that the scene was also troubling for the lead detective. He barked out those words to slow down his racing heart. They knew Chambers too well, as they turned and left the scene.
Chambers closed his eyes and he heard movement coming from the pile of rotting flesh. Fear streamed out of every pore on his skin and floated around the basement like smoke. He moved through the mass and came across one of the fresh dogs. It was a a black and white mid size pit-bull with half of his insides spilling on top of another dead dog. The dog was actually half dead clinging on to instincts alone. A nervous Chambers pulled out his service revolver and fired a shot into the suffering animal. He bowed his head and dropped the gun, all in one motion.

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About the Author

Nikki Gordon Feb 03, 2017

Nikki Gordon

Frank F. Atanacio resides in Shelton Connecticut. He is the creator of The Nick PT Barnum series and The Detective Laura Kimber crime dramas. He enjoys writing flash fiction and quick crimes.
His Poetry features crime dramas and his horror stories will freeze you in place. Enjoy the written word.

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