The Perfect Man

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Published: 01/01/2018

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The Perfect Man

A Dialogue With A Wise Man

Now that I’m a middle aged man who spent almost all his life at different schools in different countries, during which I earned different degrees between a Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences, board certified pharmacist in USA and finally my MBA degree, I decided to go back to my homeland to give back the knowledge I acquired till now to the new generations.

We all seek perfection in our lives and who doesn’t? One day a student came to my office to argue about a one mark she lost at her exam. I was trying to convince her that there is nothing called “Full Mark” and there is no one perfect. However, she wasn’t convinced and said, “Indeed, there is perfection out there!” and she left.

After that, I sat alone thinking about this argument and I realized that with all the knowledge humanity accumulated so far, we couldn’t even achieve the perfect human body that has no diseases or the prefect leader who makes no mistakes nor takes his people to war!

Finally, I heard of a book written hundred years ago by a very famous Sufi scholar called “Imam Ibn Arabi”. The book title is “Seals of Wisdom” in which he discusses the wisdom of life and how to achieve the goal we all are looking to achieve. I had my time machine hidden in the basement and for a long time I sat down thinking whether to travel back in time to sit down and talk with him about his findings and beliefs and maybe come back with the knowledge of the “Perfect Man”!

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About the Author

Moustafa Helmy Jan 10, 2018

Moustafa Helmy

Middle Eastern man who believes in science and the scientific method of thinking. With great eager and enthusiasm to keep learning till the last day of my life, I decided to publish any thought or idea or any kind of writing that might stimulate my brain and provoke others mental power!

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