Reprogramming The Mind: 21 Days of Healing

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Published: 02/03/2018

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Reprogramming The Mind: 21 Days of Healing

"When life gives you make lemonade..."

A self-help guide to those seeking change in all areas of their lives & a proven way to break cycles, curses and bad habits in just 21 days.

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About the Author

J. Thomas Coleman Feb 03, 2018

J. Thomas Coleman

Self-proclaimed "light coach", spoken word artist, entrepreneur and, now, author, J. Thomas Coleman lives & breathes being an inspiration to others through his words of wisdom. A graduate of The University of Memphis and Bellevue University, J. Thomas Coleman has mentored, guided and elevated the minds of those in search of life's finest. Through his book, "Reprogramming The Mind: 21 Days of Healing", J. Thomas Coleman is sure to inspire those who are in search of a new beginning for the rest of their lives.

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