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Published: 03/20/2018

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The serial killer was listening to the shadows but still watching the old woman with the knife set for destruction. The blade of the knife was salivating as it prepared itself for ripping apart human flesh.
The darker shadow looked more intent and it started to grow larger and grew even more darker still. It covered the entire room engulfing the lighter shadow as it was in total charge of the perimeter. There were taller shades of darkness filtering through the room and each darkness seemed embedded in each other. The lighter shadow seemed to have been discharged and rendered useless.
Finally, the darker shadow and the serial killer were able to stand together, It was then that the old woman felt the blade penetrate her flesh. Each drive went deeper and cut longer as the blood shaded the darkness with a hint of red. Dark red. Unable to scream through the tube sock, she accepted death as it came violently.
An arching fountain of blood began filling the room as the downward motion of the stabbing continued.

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About the Author

Nikki Gordon Feb 03, 2017

Nikki Gordon

Nikki Gordon lives in Shelton, Connecticut and loves writing flash fiction. Or quick fiction. Nikki loves the four seasons and haunting stories. Enjoy the book and this style of writing

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