Please read the official Contest Rules and Guidelines before submitting:

There will be two separate time periods for this competition: a publishing period and a voting period where readers and fans will decide the winners of each category.

The Publishing Period:

Promotion 1
The contest is open to writers of any genre who currently have completed unpublished works of fiction and non-fiction memoirs. Those who have a book contract at the time of submission or who are subsequently awarded a book contract are not eligible for the contest if their book is scheduled for publication before November 30, 2012. Works with individual chapters or excerpts that have been or will be published in periodicals or anthologies may be submitted.
Promotion 3
First draft manuscripts are acceptable; however, entrant’s work must remain in “Publish” mode for the duration of the voting period to be considered eligible to win. Can be previously self-published as long as the author still retains the copyright.
Promotion 5
Contestants may submit as many works as desired.
Promotion 2
Entries must be UPLOADED and PUBLISHED by July 31, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. CDT. Winners will be contacted by email during the first week of September 2012. Authors must upload their works through the Kbuuk publishing platform by submission deadline date to be eligible for the contest. Contest entrants must also have legitimate and correct Kbuuk accounts to be considered eligible.
Promotion 4
All uploaded works must be original and in English (no translations).
Promotion 6
No phone queries can be taken, either to inquire about contest deadlines, the status of your entry, or to request the names of winners.

The Voting Period:

By participating in the voting portion of any contest, each voting participant agrees to be bound by the official contest rules. Voting is limited to four votes per day per registered Kbuuk account. If an entrant receives multiple and/or irregular votes or multiple votes from the same user or users, including but not limited to, votes generated by a robotic, programmed, script, macro, other automated means or other source, Kbuuk reserves the right to disqualify the entrant in its sole discretion. If the contest includes the use of an internet tool and the internet voting process fails to operate properly or appears to be tampered with or tainted with errors, fraud or unfair practices, the Company reserves the right to use another means to determine the winner(s), i.e. random selection or appointing a panel of judges. All decisions of the judges are final.

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