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The features we offer

Keep Full Control

No contracts, no stipulated time periods for publishing. In PubHub, you can publish and unpublish your content anytime with the click of a button. You retain full rights to your work and are not locked into anything. Upload your manuscript as many times as you want with no cost to distribute through the Kbuuk Bookstore and iPad App.

100% Royalties

Price your book the way you want to! You want to give your work away for free, that's your prerogative, you want to price it at $1,000,000 go right ahead (although we woudn't recommend it, unless your target market is Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffett). You receive 100% of royalties after the retailers’ cut, and if you did sell three of those million dollar books, you actually wouldn't be doing half bad. Royalties are paid out through PayPal accounts and can withdrawn after the account accumulates to $100.

Wide Distribution

Distribute your works through multiple channels using one central location. You can distribute with the Kbuuk Bookstore for free and our Indie-only iOS app debuting Summer 2012 for free with unlimited uploads and changes. Upgrade to a premium account and get instant access to readers on the Kindle, Nook, and iBooks platform.

Books Gone Viral

Let your book sales spread like wildfire! Kbuuk brings social media functionality into the author's tool kit. For example, inside PubHub, you can: tweet out to all new readers, share reader comments with your followers, integrate your blog into your author profile page, and much, much more. Your book and profile are SEO friendly and enjoy permanent links (share them without fear).

Market Your Book

The Kbuuk platform harnesses the power of e-books (rich reader data) and provides this information for you - the author. Through PubHub, you will enjoy real-time sales reports and other reader analytics that empower you with actionable insights. Use these insights to learn your customer segment, refine your approach, and market your book powerfully.


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