PubHub, the self-publishing powerhouse

The PubHub is a self-publishing powerhouse. It creates e-books from .docx or .epub files, adds SEO enabled meta-data. Then it delivers reader and sales analytics to refine e-book marketing.

Simple and easy self-publishing

The Kbuuk PubHub gives you the flexibility to publish your book the way you want. The simple five step process allows you to self-publish your book seamlessly. All you need is your book (in .docx or .epub format) and a brief summary of yourself and your ebook. We believe publishing should be simple.

Keep full rights to your e-book

The best part of self-publishing is that you are in charge. You call all the shots and keep full rights to your work. This means you are free to come and go as you please. And if you get picked up by a big NYC publisher, that is even better. Kbuuk gives you control.

Learn from your readers with incredible data

The PubHub provides dashboard with all the information you need to build your author platform. It will show you how your customers read your book as well as how many sales you made last Tuesday. The reader analytics in the PubHub are industry-leading and will help you refine your marketing as well as your book.

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